Atelier Pronovias 2022. The Art of the Opera Comes to Bridal

Atelier Pronovias 2022. The Art of the Opera Comes to Bridal

The new Atelier Pronovias collection transmits the emotion and artistry of the opera, an art form very dear to the heart of Pronovias Group Chief Artistic Director Alessandra Rinaudo. Here she explains why, and what makes Atelier Pronovias different to the other collections she designs.

“I am very Italian. I love to be Italian. For this collection I was inspired by the opera. Why? Because I think it’s the highest from of art,” she says. “I remember the first time I went with my father to La Scala in Milan. I fell in the love with the singers, the dancers, the orchestra, and of course the costumes. I could feel the commitment, the way they all work so hard together to achieve absolute perfection.”

This ‘commitment to perfection’ is something Alessandra relates to when creating Atelier Pronovias gowns, which are made to order in Pronovias Group own atelier in Barcelona. “I think it’s very similar to what we do here every day. Our seamstress and patternmaker and me, we work together as a team. We don’t stop. We do and re-do and do again until we achieve perfection. It’s a very ‘couture’ way of working for brides who want a dress like no other.”

The breathtaking dresses of the new OPERA collection have been designed to put the bride in the spotlight and transmit the excitement of those first ‘operatic’ moments when the orchestra strikes up and the red curtain reveals a world where art, fashion and beauty come together.

Within the OPERA collection, A-line and mermaid silhouettes have been innovated with greater fluidity, lightness and statement sleeves and theatrical ruffles. The embellishment of the gowns is elevated to achieve maximum artistry with handcrafted 3D flowers, heritage lace and head-turning beaded effects. 

Alessandra is quick to point out however that the main point of difference in Atelier Pronovias is the use of luxury fabrics. “At the end of the day, what is a haute couture dress?” she rhetorically asks. “It’s a perfect pattern in a very special fabric.”

For the OPERA collection, the design team sourced the finest French laces, Italian silks and organza, and handmade crystal beads from India. Silk jersey, a crossover fabric from the fashion world, makes its bridal debut in dresses such as Ferri, an ultra-glamorous sheath style where folding and draping creates a sculptured, sensual form. “It’s all about how the fabrics rest on the body,” adds Alessandra.

But there is less tangible factor in Atelier Pronovias that creates its elevated position in bridal fashion – heritage. “You must remember that we have 50 years of experience,” explains Alessandra, “And that we create the dresses in our own atelier. Haute couture is not a fad. It’s not something that goes out of fashion with time. Each dress we create for Atelier Pronovias is an icon.”  

Atelier Collection 2022

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