What To Do With An Old Wedding Dress?

Woman wearing a strapless flared wedding gown with embroidery and geometric designs, standing in a ballroom

If you have been wondering what do with an old wedding dress, it’s time to explore a few practical solutions. In this blog, we'll offer imaginative ways to give your cherished gown a second life, ensuring it continues to hold a special place in your heart. From storing it away for future generations to the heartfelt option of donating, each idea is a unique avenue to consider. 

Give your old wedding dress a new lease of life

The wedding is over and now your dream dress hangs on your bedroom door, filled with beautiful memories. But what’s next? You may be wondering what to do with an old wedding gown, as it can’t stay there forever. Thankfully, we’ve prepared a few creative craft ideas for old wedding dresses. Before we dive in, start by giving your old wedding dress a little care – whether through professional cleaning or a gentle touch with mild soap and warm water, depending on the fabric. Keeping it clean is the first step to preserving or finding a new purpose for your gown. 

Woman wearing a two-piece lace wedding gown with delicate long sleeves and a sensual button seam, standing outside

Ever wondered what to do with your cherished lace wedding dress after the big day? Your lace gown, filled with unforgettable memories, can find a new purpose beyond the wedding aisle. The intricate lace, a symbol of love, can become the heart of your crafting adventures. Transform your lace into delicate handkerchiefs, sharing a piece of your wedding day with family and friends. Alternatively, dive into the world of creativity by crafting lace sachets, infused with the fragrance of your bridal bouquet.  

Store it away for your daughter or granddaughter

As the vintage and repurposing trend gains momentum, preserving your wedding dress for future generations is a meaningful choice.  For example, saving a vintage wedding dress for your daughter is not just about passing down a garment. It's an enchanting gift of time-travelled elegance and cherished memories. The timeless silhouette and the intricate details carry not only the essence of your love story but also the unique charm of the past. 

Woman wearing a romantic princess wedding gown with a volumunous layered skirt, standing in a ballroom

To ensure its longevity, follow these simple steps. First, delicately fold and wrap your cherished wedding dress, veil, and accessories in white acid-free tissue paper, placing them in a cloth garment bag. Safely tuck this ensemble into a special box, stored in a dark, humidity-free environment. For a personal touch, include some wedding photos of yourself, protected in a kraft paper envelope.

Repurpose a wedding dress into a cocktail dress

If you don’t want to sell a used wedding gown, repurposing a wedding dress into a chic cocktail dress can be a fabulous alternative. Typically, adjustments involve bidding farewell to the train and adjusting the dress and sleeve lengths. Consulting a professional dressmaker is a wise step, if you are unsure where to begin. For example, transforming a backless wedding dress into a chic cocktail dress is a stylish and sustainable choice. The distinctive allure of a backless design can seamlessly transition from bridal elegance to sophisticated party attire.  

Woman with a white bow wearing a flared wedding gown with exposed back and a catherdal train inside a ballroom

Another unique option worth considering is dying your wedding dress, a surprisingly viable choice with professional guidance. However, keep in mind that fabrics vary, and not all can be dyed successfully. If your gown features lace and embroidery, consider the possibility of tonal variation.

Frame your wedding dress

Embrace the tradition of framing interesting textiles for wall art by immortalising your cherished Grecian wedding dress in a truly unique and personal way. Picture a special feature, perhaps the delicate Grecian draping or an intricate lace detail, that you can have as a keepsake.

Choosing to place your wedding dress in a frame means that you will have a timeless piece of art. Additionally, you can elevate your wedding photographs by incorporating strips of your dress's fabric for a bespoke border or backdrop, seamlessly blending memories and textures. Alternatively, for a captivating focal point, delicately remove a piece of lace or appliqué and have it elegantly mounted in a window box frame. This creative touch not only breathes new life into your old wedding dress but also weaves the essence of your special day into the fabric of your home's memories. 

Reuse it on future anniversaries

Your wedding dress is a treasure. Extend the magic of your love story by wearing it on meaningful wedding anniversaries. Consider revisiting the enchanting venue of your original ceremony for a photo shoot, capturing new moments against the backdrop of cherished memories.

For example, why not hold onto the enchantment of your corset back wedding dress. This intricate detail, drawing attention with its timeless allure, can become a delightful feature to reuse on future anniversaries. The corset back, a symbol of elegance, ensures that every anniversary celebration is adorned with the same attention-grabbing charm that made your wedding day unforgettable. 

Donate your wedding gown

What could be a more meaningful way to share the joy of your wedding than by giving back? If you are unsure what do with one of our bridal dresses, once your wedding day is over, consider donating it to a noble cause.

Pronovias proudly partners with Brides Do Good, a UK-based non-profit dedicated to empowering young girls through enhanced access to education. To contribute, simply return your dress to any Pronovias store. Once Brides Do Good successfully sells it, we match the sales price, effectively doubling the value of your donation.

Discover more about the impactful work accomplished by Brides Do Good and join us in creating a lasting legacy of love and support.

Your old wedding dress carries the magic of your special day, and there are countless ways to cherish and repurpose it. Embrace the sentimentality and creativity that comes with our ideas, ensuring your cherished dress continues to hold a special place in your heart and home. 

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