Finding The Best Wedding Shoes For The Bride: Expert Tips

Brunette wearing a romantic bridal gown with V-neck, posing outside against a background of mountains and palm trees

Choosing the perfect bridal shoes is an important thing to consider and leaving it to the last minute is a risk not worth taking. While style is crucial, you shouldn’t overlook comfort, as you'll be on your feet for hours! Below we’ll take a closer look at a few key considerations you will need to make when it comes to choosing the best shoes for comfort and style. 

Key things to consider when buying wedding shoes 

Embarking on the journey to find the right shoes for your wedding day requires thoughtful consideration beyond aesthetics. While style undoubtedly plays a pivotal role, there are crucial factors that can significantly enhance your overall bridal experience. Firstly, when exploring options, opt for in-person fittings rather than relying solely on online platforms. Trying on various styles ensures the perfect fit, especially when considering the nuances of heel height and how it complements your gown's length.

Moreover, while the allure of high heels may be enticing, if you're accustomed to swapping them for flats after an evening out, consider a lower, more comfortable heel or chic flats for your wedding day. Also, padded innersoles can be a saviour, preventing pinched toes and blisters during those extended hours. Remember to break in your chosen shoes around the house to allow them to mould to the shape of your feet, ensuring utmost comfort on the big day.  

When is best to start looking for wedding shoes

Selecting the best shoes is a decision that requires not just thoughtfulness and attention to detail but also perfect timing. To ensure that the chosen pair seamlessly aligns with your dress, personal style, and, most importantly, comfort, it is highly advisable to begin your search well in advance. Additionally, consider seeking out companies that offer free returns as early as possible. This approach enables you to order multiple pairs, try them on in the comfort of your own space, and take the time to assess their compatibility with your wedding dress.  

Brunette wearing a mermaid bridal gown and high-heeled wedding sandals, walking down the street near a white wall

While some brides opt to find the right bridal shoes first, allowing them to build their overall look from the ground up, others prefer choosing their dress before anything else to ensure a harmonious match with the shoes. A practical compromise is to at least have a general idea of the style, colour, and heel height you're leaning towards before your dress fitting. This way, you can envision the complete bridal ensemble and make more informed choices when selecting both your gown and the perfect wedding shoes. 

What wedding shoes to wear on your special day

When contemplating what type of shoes to wear with a wedding dress, the decision often revolves around the iconic choice of heels. Once you have chosen the right bridal dress, consider factors such as the venue and your personal comfort preferences when selecting the best wedding heels. Striking the perfect balance ensures that you not only exude grace as you walk down the aisle but also enjoy the celebration without compromising on comfort. For instance, if you’re wearing a sheath wedding dress, open-toe heels would be an ideal choice, maintaining the sleek and modern silhouette while adding a contemporary touch to your bridal ensemble.  

Brunette wearing a sheath bridal dress and carrying a pair of white wedding heels, walking on the beach

While traditional wedding heels are undeniably elegant, modern brides are increasingly embracing alternative options to express their unique style and ensure comfort throughout the celebration. Sneakers have emerged as a trendy and unconventional choice, adding a playful element to the bridal ensemble. Modern wedding dresses can often be paired with sleek sneakers for a chic and fashion-forward aesthetic. Alternatively, for a bohemian or beach wedding, consider chic sandals or even barefoot styles to complement the laid-back atmosphere. Their airy and open design effortlessly captures the carefree and bohemian spirit of such weddings. 

How to enhance your look with other accessories

Complete your bridal ensemble with carefully chosen bridal accessories that complement the unique style of your gown and shoes. It’s important not to go over the top when exploring options. Ideally, you will want to find pieces which align with your overall bridal look and vision. Additionally, you may want to switch up your bridal ensemble when moving from the ceremony to the reception. If your ceremony is during the day and the reception continues into the evening, consider wearing a pair of shoes that transition well from day to night. Choose a more elaborate necklace or statement earrings for the ceremony. Afterwards, you can always switch to smaller, more subtle jewellery pieces. 

Woman with short blonde hair, wearing a sheath wedding dress and white bridal heels, going up steps outside

For the grandeur of a ball gown wedding dress, consider a cathedral-length veil for a touch of timeless elegance as you make your entrance. Paired with classic satin pumps, your outfit will exude grace from head to toe. If you've chosen a romantic wedding dress with strappy heels, delicate headpieces like a floral crown or a crystal hair vine can add a whimsical and enchanting touch. For a minimalist wedding dress with pointed-toe flats, a chic bridal jacket, perhaps in lace, can effortlessly elevate your look, providing both warmth and a subtle, elegant layer. Let your choice of accessories harmonise with your gown and bridal shoes, creating a cohesive and stunning bridal aesthetic.

In conclusion, choosing the ideal shoes for your special day is a crucial decision that should be made well in advance. Throughout this process, you will need to balance style and comfort. From considering key factors during fittings to exploring alternative options like sneakers or sandals, you will be able to find the perfect match for your wedding dress. Once you have selected the dress and shoes of your dreams, don’t forget to complement your ensemble with thoughtfully selected accessories. 

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