If The Shoe Fits! How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress Shoes

If The Shoe Fits! How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes is a challenge at the best of times, which is why you should never leave the purchase of wedding shoes to the last minute. Style is a big consideration of course, but so is comfort. Remember, you will be wearing your wedding heels for at least 15 hours straight!

With this mind, we don’t recommend shopping for wedding shoes online. It’s fine to search for style inspiration of course from the bridal section on shoe retailer's websites, but you need to try them on, ideally in-person. If the retailer offers free delivery and returns, you could order several items and try them on at home with your wedding dress on to make sure they cover all bases and the heel height works well with your gown’s length. If your shoes feature jewels and adornments, check they won’t catch the hemline of your dress. Also don't be too rigid about colors. Nude, champagne, ivory and even light blue tones can lift your wedding dress.

In terms of comfort, if you are the type that swaps your stilettos for flats on the way home from an evening out, don’t pretend this is going to change on your wedding day. Instead, choose a lower, kitten-ish heel (ballerina flats are fine too) and stock up on padded innersoles – pinched toes and blisters are the last thing you want when taking your vows. Wear your wedding shoes around the house to let them mold to the shape of feet before your big day. Also remember that open-toed wedding sandals tend to need less ‘wearing in.’

Here’s our pick of the perfect wedding dress-bridal shoe pairings.

Statement Bridal Minimalism

Dress: Antelope

Shoes: Sundance

With its clean architectural lines, our ANTELOPE minimalist wedding dress is screaming out for a statement shoe with a killer heel. The metallic finish and sexy ankle strap on our SUNDANCE wedding shoes go perfectly with the drama of the wedding dress. 

Carefree & Lovely Bridal Shoes

Dress: Baobabs

Shoes: Evangeline

To compliment a carefree, lacy bridal look, as seen in our BAOBAB A-line wedding dress, brides could choose a kitten-ish, feminine pair of bridal shoes with a matching lace accent. With its ivory leather bow and timeless sling-back silhouette, our EVANGELINE shoes do this beautifully.

Bejewelled Bridal Style

Dress: Skellig

Shoes: Joana

The same rule applies to bejewelled accents. With its satin champagne trim and diamante adornment, these JOANNA bridal stilettos beautifully highlight the bodice treatment on our SKELLIG sweetheart neckline dress.

Trendsetting Boho Bridal

Dress: Gobustan

Shoes: Angeline

Vintage wedding looks are trending! But they need careful consideration to create a coherent, all-over look. Retro-styled shoes such as ANGELINE can look amazing with flowy, boho wedding dresses like GOBUSTAN. If it’s beach wedding you’ve planned though, you may want to rethink the heel height.

Courtly Bridal Shoes

Dress: Uluru

Shoes: Marie

The classic court stiletto needs a dress that matches its formality. These MARIE shoes featuring a lacy under sole are the perfect match for ULURU, a ballgown beauty with a contemporary halter neckline.

Magnificent in Lace

Dress: Natrun

Shoes: Celine

Continuing with elegant courts, the go-to style for wedding dress shoes, create a dazzling all-over lace effect by pairing the majestic NATRUN dress with CELINE shoes – a veritable match made in heaven.

See the complete range of Pronovias wedding shoes for more inspiration, along with the rest of our wedding accessories for a total wedding look! 

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