RSVP Trunk Show!

RSVP Trunk Show!

As you have probably realized by now, searching for your dream dress is a very different from other types of shopping. The Trunk Show is a delightful part of the experience.

What is a Trunk Show? 

Before explain what a Trunk Show is, it’s best to recap on how the bridal fashion industry works.

A bridal fashion house, such as Pronovias can launch hundreds of new style each season. Your local bridal boutique orders only a fraction of them, basing its selection on climate, location and other factors.

When you make an appointment at your local boutique, you will try on the samples they have ordered. When you select your dress style, they will order it to be made to your size, and it will arrive 3-6 months later with the perfect fit. In this sense, shopping for a wedding dress is similar to the way haute couture works.

A Trunk Show is an in-store event that lets invited customers see a larger range of sample dresses that what the store normally has in stock. Often the store will offer a special discount for Trunk Show guests and sometimes they offer the direct sale of samples at incredible prices.

Why should I attend a Trunk Show? 

Besides the chance to see a wider range of wedding dresses as explained above, Trunk Shows are fun and sociable occasions. They are wonderful.

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