Civil Marriage Wedding Dresses

In Pronovias we know that each wedding is different, and that each wedding couple decides how to make it unique. We also know that there is a dress for every occasion, such as wedding dresses for a civil wedding. Usually, something simple is chosen for this type of ceremony, but simplicity is never at odds with elegance. This is why in Pronovias we go further by offering you unique dresses with designs that you will love: long, short, open back, corset, and many more.

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You can find your perfect look for your civil ceremony among our wide showcase of haute couture wedding dresses. We have several models designed for all tastes, such as the jumpsuit, long and vaporous dresses, or short and original models. Everything will depend on your taste, but what we are sure of is that our boutique has the civil wedding dress you are looking for. For that, we have taken care of even the smallest of details so that on your special day you feel like the most elegant, sophisticated and beautiful bride in the world.

Moreover, we have all kinds of perfect accessories for the occasion, such as wedding gloves, which are very common in civil ceremonies. Request an appointment at your nearest Pronovias boutique and let us help you choose the civil wedding dress of your dreams. We have the perfect fashion advice for you, with decades of experience dressing brides from around the world supporting us. There is no doubt, in Pronovias we have your wedding dress. You just need to come and check it out. We are waiting for you!


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