Your Post-Purchase Checklist

Your Post-Purchase Checklist

What To Do After You Have Found Your Dream Dress

Whether it was love at first sight or a long road of hits and misses, nothing beats the elation (and relief) of finally finding your dream wedding dress.

But the journey doesn't stop with handing over your credit card. Before you can take your wedding dress home and keep it safe for your wedding day, there are a few more things that need to be done. 

The Alterations

Most wedding dresses are made to order, a process that can take as long as 6 months. Your wedding consultant will be able to advise you exactly how long.

Can’t wait? Of course you maybe lucky enough to find something off the rack, and more and more bridal boutiques are topping up their stock with gorgeous ready to wear bridal gowns. But even so, it’s highly likely that your dress will need some nipping and tucking to make it fit perfectly.

Even if you have a trusted seamstress or a nimble-fingered aunt, it’s always best to use your bridal boutiques own alterations service. Why? Because their dressmakers are experts in bridal, meaning that they know how to work with precious fabrics and classic bridal silhouettes.

But what if you want more than an altered hemline or larger waistline? Major changes to the dress can be difficult to do for even the most experienced dressmaker.

To make things easier, Pronovias has introduced a new customization service for its best selling styles.

For example, the V neckline of the beautiful boho dress BARRY can be raised to show less cleavage. Inner shape wear and a longer train be added to HAVASU and both the neckline and back can be closed on ADRIENNE, making it totally suitable for more traditional weddings.

These changes ensure that all types of brides, no matter their body shape, can choose the type of dress they want.







The Fittings (and what to bring) 

Even for minor alterations, you are going to need at least two fittings to get the fit perfect. You will have a lot to do in the coming months with other wedding arrangements, so schedule your fittings in on the day you buy the dress.

The first fitting is when the hem length is perfected, so bring in your wedding shoes.

Finding the perfect footwear for you wedding day is a big decision in itself. You need a balance of comfort, glamor and a style that complements the look of the dress.

For the type of indoor formality expressed in BROMO, we suggest a classic stiletto heel, either with a closed or open back.

If your dress is more dreamy and lightweight with a layered skirt like KATSURA, an ankle strap can look very sexy as your twirl around the room. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you practice walking (and dancing) in your wedding shoes at your first fitting to ensure the hem length is 100% trip proof!

Also bring along your wedding day underwear, as in any annoying panty lines may need to be altered out in fitted, mermaid-style wedding dresses.

Unless you dress has fitted inner shape wear (and many Pronovias dresses do), bring along a selection of bras too, and play around to see which works best. This is particularly important for wedding dresses with V-shaped backs and sweetheart necklines.





The Final Touches 

After you dress comes back from being altered you can finally take it home! Well almost – there are a few more decisions to be made first. It’s accessory time!

This is a really fun part of your wedding dress journey, as you dress up, down or totally transform your total wedding look. There are no hard and fast rules about wearing a veil; it’s totally up to you! Remember, there is beautiful range of other, trendier options such as translucent wedding capes, sparkly bridal jackets, and dramatic overskirts.

While it’s tempting to ‘shop around’ for accessories, your bridal boutique carefully selects them to go with the dresses they have in stock, so exhaust all possibilities there first!

For inspiration, take a look at our range of bridal accessories and start creating your dream look!










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